‘We’ve learnt to do surgery without electricity’: Ukraine’s power cuts worsen

Millions of Ukrainians are facing critical power shortages, affecting essential services like water supply, air conditioning, elevators, and access to vital medical equipment. According to Ukrenergo, Ukraine has lost nine gigawatts of generating capacity over the past three months alone, equivalent to more than a third of its pre-invasion capacity. This loss is substantial, enough to power entire countries such as the Netherlands during peak consumption hours, or a combination of Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.

Maria Tsaturian, a spokesperson for Ukrenergo, reports that all state-owned thermal power plants have been destroyed, and the country’s hydropower facilities are damaged due to Russian missile and drone attacks. The electricity deficit is exacerbated during summer when demand spikes due to increased use of energy-intensive air conditioning.

To manage the shortfall, Ukrenergo has implemented widespread power rationing measures across Ukraine, resulting in prolonged daily power outages. Consequently, many Ukrainians have resorted to using fuel-powered generators or large-scale power banks to meet their energy needs amidst the ongoing crisis. This situation underscores the severe impact of energy disruptions on daily life and underscores the urgent need for sustainable solutions to restore stable electricity supply in Ukraine.

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