‘100-Day Whooping Cough’ Disease is Spreading Rapidly!

The recent increase in whooping cough cases, known as the “100 Day Cough”, across Europe has left health authorities on alert. All the curious things…

Across Europe, cases of whooping cough , known as the ” 100 Day Cough ” , have recently become a growing concern , leaving health authorities on alert. This disease , which is confused with the common cold , is spreading rapidly, especially among children and young people. While the symptoms of the disease initially resemble a simple cold, they can later turn into coughing fits that can lead to serious complications. According to the latest data across Europe, the reasons behind the increase in whooping cough cases and the precautions to be taken are attracting more and more attention.

Increasing Cases and Death Numbers

In addition to the 54 cases of whooping cough recorded across Europe in the last three months, unfortunately there have been two deaths due to the disease. A significant portion of these cases, which are especially common among children and teenagers, affect babies under the age of one. Additionally, adults with underlying health conditions are also at risk for the disease.

Whooping cough is defined as a super-contagious bacterial infection that affects the lungs and breathing tubes. The disease, which initially resembles the symptoms of a cold, manifests itself with cough attacks that make a “whooping” sound when breathing. The disease is spreading rapidly, particularly in conjunction with factors such as low vaccination coverage and reduced circulation.

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