Singapore Airlines Thanks Staff After Deadly Turbulence Incident

Singapore Airlines (SIA) CEO Goh Choon Pong expressed his gratitude to the airline’s staff for their professionalism and hard work following a turbulent flight that tragically resulted in one fatality and multiple injuries.

In a heartfelt memo to employees, Mr. Goh acknowledged the challenging past few days for everyone at SIA. The memo comes after flight SQ321, en route from London to Singapore, was forced to divert to Bangkok due to severe turbulence over the Indian Ocean on May 21st.

The Boeing 777-ER safely returned to Singapore on Sunday.

Praising the Staff’s Response:

Mr. Goh’s message highlighted the “agility, dedication, and team spirit” displayed by the SIA staff during this critical event. He expressed his sincere gratitude on behalf of the entire management team.

The Incident and Aftermath:

Flight SQ321 diverted to Bangkok last Tuesday due to a medical emergency on board. The 73-year-old British passenger, Geoff Kitchen, tragically passed away from a suspected heart attack during the turbulence. Over 100 passengers and crew members received treatment at a Bangkok hospital. Thankfully, those not seriously injured continued their journey to Singapore the following day.

Continued Support and Investigation:

The memo further stated that SIA is extending ongoing support to the injured passengers and staff. Mr. Goh personally visited the hospital last week to offer his condolences.

Beyond the internal message, Mr. Goh also offered his deepest condolences to Mr. Kitchen’s family through a video address. He apologized to everyone affected by the incident.

Singaporean Authorities Take Action:

Singapore’s Prime Minister, Lawrence Wong, extended his condolences and assured close collaboration with Thai authorities. The Transport Safety Investigation Bureau of Singapore will conduct a thorough investigation into the incident.

SIA’s Safety Record:

Accidents involving Singapore Airlines are rare. The airline consistently ranks among the world’s safest carriers. The last fatal incident occurred in 2000, with the tragic crash of a Boeing 747 during takeoff from an incorrect runway in Taiwan.

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