What is Kamikaze UAV? 2024

What is Kamikaze UAV? We have conveyed information about exactly what is said and what happened regarding the attack strategy in the wars of 2024.

What is Kamikaze UAV? Nowadays, with the start of the war between Iran and Israel, people want to learn about the Kamikaza UAV, which includes attacks they hear about in the news. Since Israel is protected by advanced air defense systems, it has started to carry out kamikaze, or suicide attacks, with unmanned aerial vehicles that will not be caught by Iranian missile attacks, rather than their air defenses. Israel also detonates bomb-laden unmanned aerial vehicles by dropping them on areas it wants to attack, causing great damage that Israel cannot intervene in.

What is Kamikaze UAV ? 2024

Kamikaze Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) has become a frequently heard term in conflict environments that have increased recently. Such UAVs traditionally aim to attack enemy targets by carrying bombs or missiles to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). However, the feature of Kamikaze UAVs is that they are also used as targets during the attack. That is, after completing their mission, they self-destruct by advancing towards the enemy target.

In the conflict environment between Iran and Israel, the effort to find effective attack methods against Iran’s advanced air defense systems has brought Kamikaze UAVs to the fore. Iran prefers kamikaze UAVs to overcome and damage Israel’s defense systems. These UAVs aim to exceed the detection and destruction capabilities of conventional air defense systems.

The use of kamikaze UAVs provides a low-cost and effective strike option. Like traditional UAVs, they can attack targets with the ammunition they carry, but the most important feature of kamikaze UAVs is that they direct themselves to the target during the attack. This makes it difficult for enemy defense systems to take effective countermeasures.

Another important point about the use of Kamikaze UAVs is that the operator must precisely select the target and carry out the attack. The operator must monitor the target throughout the UAV’s mission and give the attack order at an appropriate time, so that the UAV is directed towards the target and self-destructs.

Kamikaze UAVs are an effective attack tool that is increasingly used in modern warfare environments. Iran’s use of such UAVs against Israel has opened a new dimension in the conflict dynamics and changed its defense strategies. These developments show that the role of Kamikaze UAVs may increase further in future conflict scenarios.

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