Practical Ways to Use Your Old Smartphone

Don’t let your old phone gather dust in your drawer or destroy the environment in the landfill. Reuse it as a security camera, alarm clock, media player and more. Here are the details…

We walk around with a super technological device in our pocket every day. This device checks the weather, searches the internet, plays games, streams media, takes photos… Smartphones are great, but are quickly discarded as newer, better versions come along. Most of us can probably keep the same phone for years, but the phone upgrade cycle always nudges us into thinking we need to have a better model, and change happens. So what will happen to your old phone? If you sell your old phone, you can make some financial gain. However, if you have a spare and worthless old phone, forget about leaving it in the drawer to its fate. Find new uses for your phone. If you are looking for help on this issue, continue reading our article.

Security camera

If you have an old phone that is no longer in use, turn it into a home security camera. Download a security camera app on your old phone, then mount your old phone where you need it; Just make sure it has access to the power supply.

Give it to your child

If you are not ready to buy your child his own phone yet, you can give him your old phone. The biggest advantage of this situation, which is experienced in almost every family without exception, is that your child can use the phone without having a new line. Once you have your phone ready, connect it to Wi-Fi; and leave the rest to your child. He can send pictures, watch videos or play games with this phone

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