Asda now the most expensive supermarket for fuel

Asda, known for offering competitive fuel prices, has unexpectedly emerged as the priciest among supermarket chains, contrary to its longstanding reputation for affordability. Recent research indicates that average petrol and diesel prices at Asda were higher than those at Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s by the end of May.

The RAC’s analysis revealed that Asda’s petrol was priced at 146.34p per litre, with diesel at 151.71p. In comparison, Tesco, Morrisons, and Sainsbury’s were selling petrol at 144.45p and diesel at 149.61p per litre, marking a difference of 1.9p and 2.1p respectively.

Asda disputed these findings, stating that the analysis encompassed its entire estate, including convenience stores, and reaffirmed its commitment to offering competitive prices at its forecourts.

While global fuel prices are declining, supermarket chains have been criticized for not passing on these savings to customers. This marks a significant shift, as Asda has historically been a leader in fuel pricing, prompting competitors to adjust their prices accordingly. However, this recent development suggests that Asda has lost its competitive edge in this aspect.

Rod Dennis, senior policy officer at the RAC, noted that this is the first time Asda has been identified as the priciest among supermarket fuel providers. He suggested that with fuel prices decreasing, Asda may struggle to regain its position, as competitors are likely to swiftly adjust their prices to maintain their competitive advantage.

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